Consent according to the general data protection regulation (GDPR)


I hereby give my consent to 14YOU TRAVEL, Zagreb, 7 Tkalčićeva street (hereafter: personal data processing manager) to collect my personal data as a passenger in order to conclude a travel arrangement contract, for a tour organized by 14YOU TRAVEL.

The collected personal data are necessary for the process of registration and a travel arrangement contract conclusion on the 14YOU TRAVEL’s website.

Personal data processing manager can use my personal data as a passenger in the following situations:

  1. Fulfillment of contractual liabilities – when processing is necessary for fulfilling contractual liabilities where I am one of the contracting parties or to arrange the services I requested before concluding a contract
  2. Fulfillment of legitimate interests – when it is necessary, 14YOU TRAVEL can process my personal data even outside the specific contractual relation in order to fulfil its legitimate interests. Such legitimate interests could be:
  • Managing legal procedures and its records
  • Discovering perpetrators of criminal offences and preventing frauds
  • Protection of persons and assets
  • Fulfillment of customers’ requests – these information could help develop, deliver and improve services or could be used for internal 14YOU TRAVEL’s needs (revision, data and research analysis in order to improve products, services and customer communication)
  • Managing customers’ requests and comments
  1. Necessary compliance with legal requirements – considering its’ various business activities, 14YOU TRAVEL must be fully compliant with numerous legal obligations, all according to the Act on the Providing of Services in Tourism, Act on Obligatory Relations and other legal regulations in Croatia.

The consent is compliant with all relevant Regulation’s provisions, it is unconditioned and given of one’s own free will. The signatory holds the right to withdraw his or her consent at any time.


CONDITIONS OF THE gdpr (general data protection regulation) consent

The Statement of Privacy relates to the confidentiality of personal data collected in the process of customer registration for the 14YOU TRAVEL’s booking services. This Statement of Privacy is an integral part of the Terms of booking.

14YOU TRAVEL, as a service provider, complies with the relevant regulations with the aim to protect the privacy of its customers and especially the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. In this document it is described how the processing manager 14YOU TRAVEL, Zagreb, 7 Tkalčićeva street (hereafter 14YOU TRAVEL) processes personal data.

The customers of 14YOU TRAVEL are instructed to read all the information on this page in order to understand what data is collected and processed, for what purpose, on what legal grounds, who with and why the data are shared and what protective measures are conducted. It also explains your rights regarding access to personal data, their correction and deletion and your right of objection.

Every customer who has any questions regarding personal data can contact us via e-mail to

By accepting this Statement of Privacy at the time of registration the customer confirms that he/she has read, understood and complies with personal data processing as this Statement determines.


What types of personal data does 14YOU TRAVEL collect and process?

During customer registration 14YOU TRAVEL will ask their future customer for specific information (personal data) about the tour contractor (the Passenger), such are name, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number, credit card number, registered credit card address.

Giving personal data is a decision made by the customer. If the customer doesn’t give the requested mandatory information for a specific activity that requests such information, they will not be allowed to enter such an activity because without these data the activity will not be technically feasible.


For what purpose does 14YOU TRAVEL collect and process personal data?

14YOU TRAVEL collects and processes customer’s personal data in order to conduct a safe customer’s authenticity check, conclude a booking contract, hotel accommodation, travel insurance and travel arrangements for the customer (passenger), communication with the customer (passenger), possible legal procedures connected to the contract realization. We partly apply automated data processing in order to constantly improve our processes, all in the interest of the customer, so our offer is more customer-specific and our products and services offer is more adjusted to the customers’ habits and needs.


What is the legal ground for personal data processing?

By entering his or her personal data and confirming (either in electronic or written form) the acceptance of 14YOU TRAVEL’s General Terms and Conditions and signing this Statement of Privacy, the customer is entering into a contracting relation that is the basis for purchasing of services by customer’s choice and that is included in the General Terms and Conditions. It is therefore legal to process customer’s personal data because the actions that are taken are at the customer’s request all for the purpose of purchasing services at the customer’s order.

By accepting this Consent and activating the contract, the customer is accepting the processing of his personal data. The customer can withdraw this consent at any time by sending an e-mail to a Personal Data Protection Officer at


With which third parties is 14YOU TRAVEL sharing personal data?

14YOU TRAVEL will not share customer’s and passenger’s personal data with third parties except in the cases listed hereafter and if there are legal requirements to do so.

14YOU TRAVEL will share personal customer data with third parties when this is necessary for concluding a booking contract, an airplane tickets sale, hotel arrangements, travel insurance and travel packages, all requested by the customer. The third parties are:

  1. Transportation services providers, accommodation providers, travel insurance and tourist agencies (travel organizers), who all need to have information on the customer (passenger) for the realization of the contracted services.
  2. Global distribution system companies who specialize in transportation, accommodation and other tourist services reservation, who all need to have information on the customer (passenger) for the realization of the contracted services.


Data storage period

14YOU TRAVEL stores personal data of registered customers and passengers for the period during which the process purpose is realized, and that is the period of active registration and one year after customer registration termination, during which all eventual complaints from the previous period will be solved.

14YOU TRAVEL stores customers and passengers’ personal data on the executed services invoices that include realized reservations receipts. The invoices are stored in physical form for the period regulated by the Accounting Act (11 years from the date of invoicing). These data are physically stored in locked closets in rooms with access control devices.


Access to and correction of personal data

A customer can request and receive a complete information on stored personal data from 14YOU TRAVEL by sending an e-mail to


Deleting personal data (‘Right to be forgotten’)

The customer has the right to ask for personal data deletion at any time (‘Right to be forgotten’).

A customer can do so by sending a request by e-mail to and the data will be deleted without delay (unless there is a contractual relation in force or the travel is in progress).


Right to object

Should you consider there are grounds for objection, in spite of all taken personal data protection measures, contact us by e-mail to

You also have the right to send a request to a supervisory body, the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency.


Personal data protection security measures

Data collected in a direct contact with an employee and that are in physical form are kept in locked security closets in the 14YOU TRAVEL premises, that are additionally protected with security doors with access control devices.

14YOU TRAVEL takes data protection very seriously and takes various precautionary measures in order for the personal data stay protected. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single data transmission via the internet, or any other wireless network, that is 100% secure. As a result, although 14YOU TRAVEL conducts reasonable security measures for data protection, it cannot guarantee protection of any information transferred to or from and it is not responsible for actions of any third party that receives such information.


Rules on handling „cookies“

Cookies and other tracking technologies can be used on

website in various ways, i.e. so this website could function properly and allow traffic or marketing purpose analysis.

Cookie is a small-size data that the website stores in a visitor’s computer or a mobile device. Cookie allows that a website „remembers“ visitors’ actions from previous visits. Most browsers allow the usage of cookies, but the user can delete them at any time or set a storage restriction in his or her browser. Most common reasons for using cookies are: visitor identification, remembering specific user preferences, help with entering information that are already entered during previous visits, collecting data for analysis and promotional campaigns.


Cookies can be classified as:

Session cookies – they are stored on the computer and are automatically erased after closing the web browser. They allow the website to receive temporary data, like comments or shopping cart status.

Persistent cookies – they stay in your web browser even after its’ closing and they usually have an expiration date. website uses persistent cookies in order to simplify access to registered users. They store data like username and password, which allows the „remember me“ functionality at login, so you don’t have to write your username and password every time you re-visit the page.

First page cookies – they come from the websites you visited, and they can be either session or persistent cookies. They allow websites to store data that are used when a user re-visits that particular website.

Third-party cookies – there are several external service providers that saves limited cookies (Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics and AdWords). These cookies are not set by 14YOU TRAVEL and most usually help with user behavior interpretation and are used for marketing purposes.

What are your options?

In browser settings (browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome) you can set which cookies you would like to accept and which you will disable. The exact place to find those settings depends on the type of your browser. Using your browser’s ‘Help’ option find the settings you need.

Should you decide that you do not want to accept certain cookies, you may not be able to use certain functions on our website.



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