The Republic of Croatia is a European country situated along the Adriatic Sea and its hinterland. It stretches from the slopes of Alps and deep into the Pannonian valley to the banks of the Danube and Drava rivers.
It is indeed unique, not only for its crystal, clean blue sea, but also for a thousand of years of different cultures that have replaced and assimilated on its territory to finally create the unique culture of today’s Croatia.

Zagreb, a capital of Croatia with a population of almost a million, owes its beauty and charm to the prosperous periods of Baroque, Classicism and Secession.

Situated between slopes of the Medvednica mountain and the Sava river it first appeared on the maps in 1094 AD as the seat of bishopric and has stayed Croatian cultural, scientific, economic and political center ever since. It seems that today Zagreb consists of three towns in one: The Upper Town, with the enchanting peace and quiet of past times, the Lower Town, as lively as the biggest European business centers and New Zagreb.

With numerous museums, theatres, churches but also coffee shops, markets, clubs and pubs Zagreb is today a city pulsing with life.

Nearby Medvednica and spacious sports and recreational center at Jarun offer great possibilities for quality spent leisure time.

If you want to experience true Zagreb do not miss a Saturday’s morning walk on the main city square, the Ban Jelacic square, and a coffee in one of the coffee shops in the center.

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