Wine tour on island Hvar

An island with a 2,400-year wine tradition, whose modern winemakers are becoming increasingly internationally recognized – exported as far away as California and served in 3-star Michelin restaurants in Holland. With our specialized local knowledge of both the terrain and personal relationships with each winemaker, your only challenge is to choose which of the outstanding winemakers to visit.

So much for the tasting, but that is just one part of your Hvar Wine Tours day. For to truly understand Hvar and its wines, it is important to hear the history, to visit the vineyards and olive groves, and a splendid local dinner. All along the way, our expert wine guide – local, passionate – will slowly help you fall in love with the magic of Hvar and its incredible wines.
You would have a chance to see small towns and lavender fields on island Hvar, taste some of the best quality wines in Croatia. Find out what it’s like to try ”2718 hours of sun in the bottle”.

After tasting our driver would take you to very unique place for dinner. There is a little town of Malo Grablje located on the top of the mountain. This town is completely abandoned. You can see people’s houses with trees coming through the roofs. Only one family came back and opened a great restaurant where you would have a dinner under stars.

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