Game of Thrones Split tour

Today, you will leave our everyday world and step into the realm of one of the greatest fantasy epics of all time, as you immerse yourself into the drama and intrigue that is A Game of Thrones. An enthralling experience that will inspire you at every turn and leave you in awe.
Start the tour at Diocletian’s Palace in the very heart of Split, built in the glory of Ancient Rome and feel the blood of the dragon pulse through your veins. The Roman palace was constructed by Emperor Diocletian, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has been a high point for world travelers for well over a thousand years, sparking the imagination of its natives, conquerors and guests – much like the cast of Game of Thrones and their crew.

Daenerys fought the slave-owner overlords the Mereen and Yunkai with her faithful Unsullied within these very walls, only to return to Westeros as the victorious queen.

Afterward you will travel to the suburban town of Kaštela (Eng. Castles), more precisely to Kaštilac in Kaštel Gomilica where medieval castle built by Benedictine nuns and his environment were converted to Braavos, city by the sea toward which Arya Stark traveled at the end of the fourth season.

Next stop is Klis Fortress, an ancient stronghold built upon stone cliffs atop of the City of Split, a structure that has been the epicenter to some of Croatia’s most legendary struggles throughout history. In recent years, Klis Fortress has found a new role: as the perfect filming location for Danaerys’s stronghold. Once you are there, looking down upon the scenery from the top of the hill, you will feel the sheer power of the mighty Targaryens.

We will also visit a quarry which served as a real-world backdrop for an intense battle in the fourth season of Game of Thrones.

Your tour concludes at Žrnovnica, once the home to a great number of grain mills, many of which have disappeared since medieval times, but those that survived the test of time have been meticulously restored and are a sight to behold. You will recognize this area as the place where Danaerys’s trusted handmaid and interpreter Missandei had her bathing scene. Here you will enjoy the traditional Croatian culinary delight of Peka (a dish grilled under the bell) fresh, homemade bread, local wines and much more.

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